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Let's draw your itinerary together according to your mood and transform your yachting vacation into a lifetime experience


Although the "Sun and Sea" duo may be the primary reason for choosing a yachting vacation, nevertheless it is not the only one.  This is the exact reason why MURRMAR suggest a different approach to your holiday. A blessed country has everything to offer to its guests and an experienced travel lover knows how to seize it all.  Act and feel like a local and discover the luxury of simplicity that Greece and its people keep as their great secret. Every island cluster has a different shade of blue and each shade has its own and unique aroma. Every island is a different world waiting for its explorers. Every land has its own traditions, its own history and myths, goods and cuisine, music rhythms and musicians that insist on traditionally celebrating their patron saints through summer festivals after sunset. Different islands, different architecture, colours, people, music,  even different dialects. Hidden gems and a wealth of discoveries are waiting for their hunters. Likewise seas with underwater treasures are waiting for their divers to explore them. All in all, "the sun and the sea" are more than enough. However, occasionally they can be the cause of the beginning of an authentic, divine and lifetime experience. 

Bespoke Yachting Experiences

Are you dreaming of a family vacation full of memorable activities for your little treasures? Or a romance escape with your beloved one to celebrate your engagement, anniversary, or just your love? Will you be accompanied by your adventurous friends spending the daytime doing extreme sports and waiting for the night eager for deck parties or for Greek nightlife? Dreams are made to be fulfilled and MURRMAR's experts are ready to guide you and create for you an unforgettable  experience totally suitable to you. Whether you are a yacht fanatic or a beginner you have nothing to worry about. Your vacation will be prepared from A to Z, bespoke to your desires based on your personality, your mood, your needs and wants. 


How it works



Understanding your requirements

Reasearching and making proposals

Customising every single detail

Please outline all your initial preferences. Via our personalised questionaires and detailed personal interviews we determine together your real needs and wants in order to match or exceed all your expectations before, during and after your yacht charter experience.

Once we have outlined your basic requirements like dates, group size, configuration, and all your unique preferences our experienced sales experts will research the best charter ideas, exclusive deals and appealing itinerary options that may appeal to you.

We tailor every aspect of your yacht charter holiday, paying attention to the smallest details to ensure your trip is memorable.

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Featured Yachts for Charter

Cruise  or sail in style and enjoy the privacy and the independence of yacht charter. 

The ultimate experience beyond a luxury vacation



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