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The Company

Murr-Mar Ltd is a tourism company founded in 2016 in  London City and maintaining its registered office there, established its head office in Athens the next year. An alternative travel agency dedicated to yachting vacations, providing high-end services to its clients.  Composed of a passionate team of tourism experts and with the excellent knowledge of local gems, MURRMAR undertakes the planning of vacation from A to Z even for the most demanding travellers. Our mission is the combination of yacht chartering with other sections of tourism and transforming, our guests vacations into a complete and memorable experience. The high quality of our services is our main concern and the only way to ensure it, is through the hand selected collaborators. Affiliated external partners, each of them specialists in their own field of business, provide us with the very best of their services  and our in-house team combine and adjust everything case by case.

The Concept

Our approach and concept is included in our name in some way.  “murr-ma” in the Wagiman lanquage means to walk along  the water in search of something with your feet and "murr mar" means the beautiful sea. This exact sense of walking between the sea and the shore while exploring, fits perfectly with our willingness to combine the life and the rhythms of yachting with the external experiences someone can enjoy on board the yacht or at the idyllic destinations.

At MURRMAR we strongly believe that the yachting experience is not only another kind of vacation. It's something much more and beyond. We could characterize it as a different way of thinking as it offers the option of wondering and escaping more than any other kind of vacation.  Yachting is a means of exploring hidden paradises and treasures. It's ideal for those who are always thirsty for new discoveries. Totally addressed to demanding travelers who seek the balance between the luxury and the leisure. We approach  yachting as a whole experience that may include everything according to the mood and the company's preferences.

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